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Under the surface

Under the surface

I’ve already published a few photos from my sessions at the national swim arena Eriksdalsbadet in Stockholm, where Marcus trains together with his triathlon club, but I’ve never shown you the ones that were taken under the surface. So here we go, let’s jump in, get wet and see how it looks like when you kick some water.

When swimming it doesn’t matter how strong you are or how big muscles you have, it’s all about the technique. Marcus might have fine tuned muscles but that’s not why he can crawl faster than you. He might not live in the water as much as an elite swimmer, but he has still spent so many hours in it that I would classify him as a fish. It’s time consuming and to be honest, you don’t gain that much in time compared to someone that is slightly slower, but when doing competitions on the Ironman distances you can’t afford to loose any minutes.

I have spent several hours in swimming pools too, but I’ve never actually been thinking of how you look like when lying there throwing your arms and legs in a desperate attempt to get to the other edge faster than the one behind you. So it was with a huge interested eye that I dipped my camera in the water to have a look on how the life as a triathlete is, under the surface. I found it hard to capture the actual motion, but I still think that the power is quite obvious in some of the shots. Enjoy!

Under the surface
All photos are also available on Flickr, click here.

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