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Interval running

Interval running

Every runner does it and it’s a must to keep those legs and the lung capacity in good shape. It’s quite easy: you run fast and then rest, repeat. I’m talking about intervals.

Marcus has a few good running spots not long from home. One is a 2,5 km gravel course with a few hills. The ups and downs makes a perfect challenge to keep the pace and build up a lot of lactic in the muscles. What you want to do is of course to learn those legs to get rid of all that lactic as fast as possible. If you get a hang of it you have a huge advantage during a race when can keep on pushing up a hill even though it might hurt, since you know it will go away immediately when you’re at the top.

Running on a course with a few ups and downs is one alternative, but there are quite a few more. Doing intervals on racing tracks (elipse formed ones used on arenas) is great too, since you usually know the exact distance. You should always listen to your body and take it from there, but running the exakt same track and distance is good to track your progress.

One other muscle builder is hill running. It is exactly what it sounds like: you run up a hill and back down again. This might be very tough, especially for your calfs and you should only start doing it when you’ve been running for a while, to avoid any unwanted injuries. The result you get of running in hills is so good that every runner should do it every now and then.

To be able to handle the lactic is of course not only the only goal and advantage when training intervals. You also get a bigger and stronger heart that can pump around more blood per beat. This means that you get a lower resting pulse that results in a body that can be pushed a bit harder when needed.

I followed Marcus during three different interval sets: gravel course, racing track and hill running. The photo shoot from the cycle intervals might have been sweatier, but this was not easier by any means. And I guess you will agree when you have a look at the photos.

Interval training – gravel
All photos are also available on Flickr, click here.

Interval training – race track
All photos are also available on Flickr, click here.

Interval training – hill
All photos are also available on Flickr, click here.

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