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In preparation for the Ironman


When I started this documentary (to follow Marcus Hultgren towards Kalmar Triathlon 2009) it was May, but his preparation didn’t start there, obviously. If you are really into ”when, where, how” it all started when he first tried triathlon a few years ago, but we shall not take it that far back. The season of 2009 is now and to reach his high set goal Marcus not only needs to train a lot (swimming, cycling, running) but also compete in a few triathlon events.

Every single triathlete out there knows that it’s not just about swimming real fast, riding the bike like the wind and running faster than the rest, but also to transition. The transition between each and every ”leg” is what a triathlete usually call ”the fourth leg”. And to be amongst the best you really get the transition going. Just imagine yourself coming up from the water, all the blood rushes down from your head to your lower body when you stand up and you get dizzy, but you still have to keep up the pace and try to run straight to the transition area to find your bike. And as if that wasn’t enough, you also have to get that wetsuit off and the best practice is to do this while running. Yeah I told you, it sure isn’t easy and it needs lots and lots of training.

Training the transitions (between swim/bicycle and bicycle/run) can be done by yourself, of course, and also together with your triathlon club. Stockholm City Triathlon (Marcus’ mother club) organizes shorter triathlon events (super sprint distance) every now and then so all the members can get the feeling of doing a transition before a real competition. But to be honest, it’s like with all sports you practice, doing it for real is always best. It is during a real race, with a heavily beating heart pumping adrenalin through your veins, that you understand the complexity of doing a proper transition.

Marcus has competed in quite a few triathlon events so his experience is huge. This does not however means that he wont learn anything new. Before attending the Ironman distance event ”Järnmannen” in Kalmar, Marcus will have competed in 6 different events.

  • » Borås Triathlon (Olympic) *
  • » Göteborg (Hindås) Triathlon (Olympic) *
  • » Säter Triathlon (Olympic) *
  • » Örserum Triathlon (Olympic) *
  • » Sövde (Half Ironman) –
  • » Hallstahammar (Sprint) –

Scroll down this page to see a number of selected photos from some of the events above.

Competition: Borås Triathlon, June 6th
All photos are also available on Flickr, click here.

Competition: Göteborg Triathlon, June 7th
All photos are also available on Flickr, click here.

Competition: Säter Triathlon, June 28th
All photos are also available on Flickr, click here.

Competition: Örserum Triathlon, July 4th
All photos are also available on Flickr, click here.

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