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:::: MENY ::::

This is an ironman

Kalmar Triathlon 2009 is over. It was a tough race; windy and hot. Many great athletes ran right into the unmerciful wall. Marcus crossed the finish as number 14 in his age group.

My camera managed to fire around 3 000 rounds and I guess I wont have to tell you that a few hours will be spent just to go through them all. Instead of letting you wait I give you two teasers. The rest of the photos, together with a summary of the race, will be posted hopefully sooner than later.

Below you can see a happy ironman crossing the finish line. ”I felt quite clear in my head, but as soon as I crossed that line my mind told me to find a place to lie down”, Marcus told me afterwards. After about three minutes he was up on his feet again with a smile on his face.

Well fought Marcus, hugely impressive!

Marcus crossing the finish line

Tired hero

Säg gärna vad du tycker!